Anonymous said: Ram how's your social life? i think you've finally found your true friends.

Oh my gosh, you must be a long time follower to be able to recognize that i actually have friends now. 

Umm, to answer your question, my social life is great. I have found my friends and I am so happy about that. About three years ago, i used to always announce on the internet that i don’t really have any friends and i would always joke about that. Saying stuff like, “Oh im awkward” “who needs friends when you have food?” …stuff like that. But deep inside, it was painful for me. My high school years was just a terrible phase in my life. I wanted friends, i wanted people who i can joke around with, i wanted people who i can be sarcastic with, and i can finally say i have found them. I’m very glad about it. I am so happy that i have such nice friends. I’m very lucky. it’s true to what they say, the people you spend a lot of time with is a reflection of who you are. 

Like when we hang out, we would just read books at my friend’s house. Or sometimes, at like 10 at night, we would crave iHop and we would drive to iHop and eat pancakes. After doing those things, we would always say, “See guys we don’t need alcohol” Moments like that are when i am proud of myself for finding great, mature friends. 

And then there are moments where we sing 80’s songs in my car, moments like that are when i realized, i’m happy with my friends and im glad i found them. It’s kind of great cause we didnt even go to school together and yet we are all close. so great, haha. 

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Anonymous said: You are wise beyond your years.

wow thank you so much. I will remember that forever :)

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Anonymous said: You don't know how much you've inspired me. Sometimes i get sad that you are not this worldwide famous person because the whole world needs to see how great you are. You have a very rare soul. Keep being good Ram! You are an inspiration.

aww this is so nice. thank you so much for your sweet comment. I mean, it’s ok if i’m not that known, like you said. Because helping a person is just a great feeling and that’s really the only thing i want to do. I want to keep inspiring people and thats good enough for me. i don’t want to be rewarded for doing a good deed. I’ll just let God decide with my life and how it will turn out. 

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hedgyhoghead said: Sad to hear about your family, Ram. I'm glad that you're better though! Congrats on still being with your girlfriend (I remember the early days awwww) and my thoughts are with you and your family. Sincerely, Sabrina xx

aww thank you Sabrina! and i know! haha. gettick sick of her. Just kidding. I love her more each day :)

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Anonymous said: Hey Ram are you rich?

No way. I’m far from being rich. lol 

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tomlindamn said: I really respect your view on sex and relationships without it, I wish more people were like that now, not that it's a bad thing to think the opposite I guess, but I feel like it's lost a lot of value, and I'm so glad to read that someone still sees value in love over lust. :)

oh thank you so much!! I’m glad someone relates. :) 

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Anonymous said: How do you do it? A relationship without sex?

Hmm. getting so serious now. haha. Well, this is what i always think, Love should be stronger than lust. And im not just saying that. When i was growing up, and starting to gain more knowledge about the whole dating thing, ive always wanted a relationship that is not dependent on sex. And im so happy i have that kind of relationship. I just believe that a relationship should be soul to soul and not body to body. That’s just who i am. 

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Anonymous said: How's your summer so far?

Umm a pretty wicked one. It’s like a roller coaster. There were a lot of emotions this summer. I’ve dealt with a few deaths in my family, the sadness that goes through with that, the joy of family, and finally being happy and content with my life again. oh and exhausting too! haha

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Anonymous said: Are you still a virgin?

This question is always being asked. I’ve ignored hundreds of messages that asks if im still a virgin. So im just going to answer it now so everyone can be at peace lol. 

Yes, i am. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know im saving myself until marriage. And that will never change. I need to respect myself and respect my girlfriend. :)

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Anonymous said: Are you and your girlfriend still together? Because you haven't been talking about it like you used to. Sorry, I'm just a shipper of you two.


yes, we are still together. The reason for that is because I would just like to keep that part of me private. I’ve shared the excitement and the feeling that goes with being in love for the first time. And that is something i was so glad i shared because love should be celebrated. But now, I would just like to focus on it without announcing it to the internet. I love sharing my life on social media, i love social media. But with my love life, i’d just like to keep it private now. With a few surprises with you guys along the way, I’ll still share sometimes but not a lot like it used to anymore. 

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Anonymous said: Hey Ram! How are you?

oh hi! thanks for asking! Im fantastic! How are you? 

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growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money

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